Frequently asked questions about payroll, taxes and insurance.Q. Where do I log on to access payroll ?

A. You don’t. Online sites are hacked all the time. Even the most secure government sites are in the news where they were hacked. Millions of credit cards and personal information are stolen every year. If your data is accessible online, it’s just a matter of time before it’s in the hands of thieves. We keep your payroll information offline in our secure data center and there is no internet access of any kind to our system. We have never had outages like Intuit and other online services. Being unable to process and deliver your payroll is not an option. You would be much better off just doing your own payroll than risking it to any service that allows you online access.

Q. What is the difference between Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly?

A. Bi-Weekly is every two weeks or say, every other Friday, for example. Semi-Monthly is twice per month or say, every 1st and 15th of the month.

Q. What is Salaried Exempt and how is that different than Salaried?

A. The “Exempt” means the person does not get paid over-time. With few exceptions, to be exempt an employee must (a) be paid at least $23,600 per year ($455 per week), and (b) be paid on a salary basis, and also (c) perform exempt job duties. These requirements are outlined in the FLSA Regulations (promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor). Most employees must meet all three “tests” to be exempt.

Q. Do I really need Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

A. Short Answer: Yes. Longer Answer: Every state mandates Employers to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Some very large companies can Self-Insure but that takes a LOT of money and they are still “Insured”. We have seen on more than one occasion where an Employer didn’t have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and directed an injured Employee to go to the emergency room under the Employee’s Health Insurance. Not only is that Illegal, but one of the first questions they ask is “Did this happen at work?” and when the Employee says “Yes”, you have a Worker’s Compensation claim whether you want one or not and if you don’t have that Employee covered, you are in for a very bad day. We can help you with your Worker’s Compensation Insurance as well, Click Here for a Free quote!

Q. My current Service takes the taxes every payroll, why don’t you?

A. Those “Other” services are making money off the “float” on your money. Many are more like a “Bank with a Payroll front” just as a popular Kid’s Pizza place is really “An Arcade with a Pizza front”. We don’t need to take or make money off your tax money. We do all the work and track all of your Liabilities and only send you a Tax Payment Advice when they are actually due. Your money stays in your account until you cause it to be sent when it is due. “They” will try to make it sound like they are doing you a favor by taking your money out of your bank every week for something that is only due once every 3 months! If it made sense to do it “Their” way, why stop there? Why not send us 1/4 of your Mortgage every week and we will do you a favor and send it in once a month?

Q. Why does your quote seem higher than company “X”?

A. You have just discovered how hard it can be to compare the various Payroll Services to one another. They all have different ways of quoting and leave off all sorts of “Extras” that are not optional at all. Some of these are, but not limited to, Setup, Employee maintenance, Federal Tax returns (Quarterly and Annual), State Tax returns, Federal Tax deposits, State Tax deposits, New Hire reporting, Worker’s Comp reporting, Levies and Garnishments, Year End processing, W2′s , Electronic filing of wages and even Envelopes for your Employee’s checks. The “other guys” will quote even their most basic service as a charge per processing. Our low, all inclusive fee is per month, not per processing and everything is included. We will never “nickle and dime” you every time we touch your account.