• Lowest Flat Rate Prices
  • No extra charges
  • All Tax returns Included
  • No Tax Impounds
  • Ready to key GL Journal Entries
  • New hire reporting
  • Work Comp Reports
  • All AP checks provided
  • One simple flat rate bill at End of Month
  • No setup charges at all
  • Free mid-year conversion
  • Easy setup

More Facts:

No one needs to visit your office to signup.

95% of our support employees have been here over 10 years.

We work as your in-house Payroll department.

Unlike all the other services, we stay out of your bank account. We track all liabilities and send the payment advice and checks where applicable to you when they are due. Companies that impound your money every time they process a payroll are using your money as float until the payments are due. They make a lot of money this way. It’s your money, you should have use of it.

Payroll isn’t rocket science, we don’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself.

We do the grunt work and provide all work to you for your signature.

At the bargain rate we perform these duties, you can afford to do what you need to do: focus on your real business.

Customers stay with us because they like us, not because we try to convince them that they need us and couldn’t possibly do this work themselves.


The Bottom Line:


Old fashioned Service at Old fashioned prices.

Always knowledgeable Support Staff to Serve you.

Everyone can help you, no assigned “Rep”

We LIKE Small Business, Our Prices Prove it!

You are treated like Family (the ones you like)