IRS Employees Just Say No! to Obamacare

Obamacare has few friends, if any, and hardly anyone likes having it around. Obamacare is like an ugly, socially awkward kid who transfers into grade school at mid-year and then spends the rest of the semester eating alone in the cafeteria while being giggled about by all the other pupils.

Obamacare is now so unpopular that even the IRS?s workers have turned on it. Amid the political-profiling, lavish-expense, and undeserved-bonus scandals plaguing America?s most hated federal agency, one would think the IRS would welcome any friend it could find. But even America?s federal tax-collection bureaucracy is bailing on Obamacare.

The National Treasury Employees Union represents IRS workers, among others at that cabinet department. Although the IRS is slated to become the brass knuckles behind Obamacare (with attendant increases in its budget and payroll), the NTEU has urged its members to write their senators and representatives and ask them to oppose H.R. 1780. Sponsored by House Ways and Means Committee chairman David Camp (R., Mich.), this bill would shift Uncle Sam?s workers from their current enrollment in the federal health system into Obamacare?s notorious exchanges. Evidently, that is too much government ? even for this crowd.

The NTEU offered its members a sample